Spa Packages
Spa Packages 

All grooming only reservations must be confirmed with a $15 deposit that will go towards the services provided. 

Intro Special any spa package $30+ will receive a FREE Teeth brushing 

ALL SPA PACKAGES INCLUDE handmade seasonally changing bandana and cologne if desired

Relax $50 $70 $90
Smoothing Madra Mor Mud with a 15 min massage
Towel dry (since the blow dryer can be stressful)
15 min acupressure massage with handmade paw balm 
Cologne (if desired)

Mini Groom $30-70
Bath and conditioner - Includes ear cleaning and nail trim
Sanitary Trim - if needed
Minor trimming
Cologne and finishing spray

Full Groom 
Up to 25 lbs small $45 - Exapmles (Shitzu, Maltese, yorkie, Havaneese)
26 - 40 lbs medium, $65 - Examples (Cocker spaniel, Boykin, Brittany)
41 - 65 lbs large $85- Example (Labradoodle, Golden Retriever, Collie) 
65 -85 lbs extra large $105 Examples (Irish Setter, Chow Chow, Wolfhound)
86+ xxl $125 Examples (Bernese mountain dog, St. bernard) 

These are the STARTING prices for grooming
Breeds are a suggestion to give you an idea, prices will be confirmed by groomer after consult!

Bath, Conditioner, Ear cleaning, nail trim
Blow dry and brush out
Hair cut and cleaning up face shape, paws, legs and body 

Groomer De-Shed $45 $55 $65
Deep Conditioner
Specialty blow dry to remove hair
Nail Trim
Ear Cleaning
Cologne and finishing spray 
Upgrade to Shedless Madra Mor Mud for $7 $10 $12

Color Me Happy $30/hr in 15 min increments 30 min minimum 
Stencil or freehand color and/or glitter application

Refresh package $10 $15 $22
Dry shampoo application
Brush out
Blow dry
Ear clean
Paw wipe

Fresh face and feet $25
Tear stain removal - if needed
Paw pad balm with 10 min massage
Teeth brushing with mint scent

Add ons
Berry Facial $10
Stencil single color Varied
Eye stain removal treatment (3 suggested) $8
Dry shampoo and blow dry $8 $10 $12
Paw cleanse    $5
Ear hair removal $5-10
Teeth brushing $8
Paw balm with 10 min massage $10
Massage with choice of essential oil $30/hr in 15 min increments
(Oil choices: Lavender, Lemongrass, Citrus, or Mint)

Difficult Dog Fee $10-35
Dangerous Dog Fee - Double fee of service

Spa products include all natural Earthbath products (shampoo, conditioner, wipes, and dry shampoo), Madra Mor Mud, PURE Melaleuca Essential oils and handmade facial foam

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