About Wagging Tails
Wagging Tails - Doggy daycare & boarding, We'll love your dog too!

Our Mission:

At Wagging Tails, our mission is to make sure your pet is happy, having fun and well-adjusted. We treat your pet as if it were our own by providing personalized attention and loving care all day long!
Daily Activities:

Our experienced, well-trained Caregivers ensure that your pet is safe and having a blast with his 4-legged friends during all-day supervised group play. 12 hours of constant play will surely satisfy your pet and he will be nice and relaxed by the time you both are heading home in the evening! 

Each pet receives daily "QT". Individual Quality Time includes belly rubbing, ear scratching, sitting in a Caregiver's lap or whatever your pet loves the most!!! 

Upon your request, we can also provide periodic nap times for your pooch, giving him a rest from all of the constant activity and excitement. You may even find your dog curled up in a ball napping on one of our fleece blankets right in the playroom or outside napping with a friend in the shade or on one of our park benches!

Who can play?

Dogs of all shapes, sizes, and ages are invited to play as long as their vaccinations are current. 

An admittance form can be completed upon arrival at Wagging Tails. We look forward to spending 15 minutes with you, getting to know you and your pet in an informal interview. Aggressive pets will not be allowed to stay and play. This is a way for us to ensure a safe environment for all of our 4-legged friends. Please bring proof of vaccinations at this time. 

Annual vaccinations required: Parvo, Rabies, Distemper, and Bordatella. All dogs older than 6 months must be spayed or neutered, unless otherwise specified for the healthy development of your dog as recommended by your vet. 

Oh... and we are happy to accept puppies! Once they have received their third set of puppy shots and their Kennel Cough vaccination they are ready for our playgroups! 

We do not accept aggressive dogs.


What else can we say except that our Caregivers love each and every dog and make sure that everyone is safe and having a so much fun! Whether your dog is outgoing and social or shy and reserved, you know that he is getting tons of attention from our staff.

Our 3,000 square foot facility has a large play room and 36 sleeping rooms, as well as a grooming area and a 1,500 square foot fenced-in outdoor play yard. Our play yard is surrounded by an 8 foot privacy fence and is kept extremely clean throughout the day. We even have a doggie pool to cool off in on those warm summer days! Our Safety and Security Policy ensures that no one will leave our premises.
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